I use tarot and oracle cards to help you heal, recover your sense of self, take advantage of the energies surrounding you, connect to the divinity within yourself, and also, just have fun!

I believe that oracle and tarot readings are for everyone, regardless of faith or spirituality. The cards depict themes from our lives, not necessarily from any one religion or belief system.

The cards are simple tools to help us prosper and live our best lives!




“Thank you so very much!!! This was a very beautiful reading! Gave me lots of insight. You’re very good!"

- M. Souren, Client

“Thank you for this wonderful, elaborate reading. One of the most empathetic readers I have come across who not only patiently listened to my worries, but also deciphered each of the issues in detail with remedy. Eternally grateful and would definitely recommend her to my friends and family…love always.”

-S., Client

“My reading from Sydney was absolutely spot on. The cards she pulled resonated so deeply, it was kinda scary. Over the past week, I’ve been going over the reading, and the results have been showing themselves all week. I’ve always believed in the power that is tarot, but I’ve never had such a powerful reading. If you ever want a reading, Sydney is definitely the one to do it. She’s so kind and will answer any questions you have!”

- Sarah, Client



*By law I must tell you that readings and spellwork are for entertainment purposes only. Any advice taken or not taken is the sole responsibility of the client. I am not responsible for any damages or decisions made based off these readings. These readings do NOT replace the need for advice from medical, legal, or financial professionals.

It is YOUR responsibility to understand this and by purchasing readings from me, you accept these terms and release me from all liability.