Thou Shalt Covet!

This month’s Covet List was made with the holidays in mind. That is to say it was made with the holiday “money is totally a gift” style of gift-giving that is quite common. And though unimaginative, money stuffed into a CVS Christmas card is just as desirable as whatever thoughtful gift your Mom lovingly picked out, wrapped up, and sat under the tree she stayed up all night decorating.

So go on. Scroll down.

Have a look, take a gander, see if you find an item that you would like to treat yourself to.

Or maybe see if there’s something on here both you and your mom would like, and just, you know, go ahead and buy two. She deserves it.

The fragrance collection from Rouge & Rye is thought-out and carefully tailored to invoke the various personalities of the women whom each fragrance is named for. It is clear that Riley Fouts, the creator behind both Rouge & Rye and Madame Scodioli, is exceptionally gifted and, furthermore, is a gift to perfume lovers everywhere.

This fragrance from Rouge & Rye, named Lucinda, features notes of honey and elderflower cordial, a blend that is both mysterious and playful.

il_570xN.984946397_myv4 (1).jpg

Featuring a hand-carved floral motif and a flat inset of onyx, this piece from Break-A-Stone has a witchy beauty to it, one that I think sets it apart from similar designs.

The use of bronze is something I always welcome, but the flat onyx is what really does it. It reminds me of a scrying mirror, and, honestly, I think you could even try to use it as one.

I know I would.

Made with your choice of black, silver, or copper accents, this ornate, glass box from Nimbus Box is an elegant way to display your most loved items.

You could lay out your jewelry or heirlooms. Perhaps you could use it to both store and showoff some of your favorite tarot decks. Regardless of what you put in it, this display box would add a regal, gothic flair to any room.

I never really liked the whole temporary tattoos as an accessory thing that came about a few years ago, but these botanically inspired creations from Pen & Plant are changing that. Made from the sketches of the talented Victoria Foster, the creator of Pen & Plant, these elegant tattoos are fit for a faerie queen.

Or for, you know, yours truly.

And maybe I’m not quite the faerie queen, but Mab’s not got a debit card, has she?*

*I don’t mean anything by this, Mab, please, don’t put a scourge on my blackberries.

Made with 18k gold, these unique ear climbers from Ideal Collect feature double terminated quartz and pear shaped crystal.

I really like this design. It’s a mix of classic and modern with a bohemian twist, and I think that these would be a great edition to any jewelry collection.


Originally created with watercolor and graphite, this print from artist Amy Rose features beautiful renderings of the various fungi that can be found in Britain.

Botanical prints are fantastic editions to home decor, but they can be a little on the boring side. This print, as well as all of Amy’s other creations, are anything but.

This handmade storage box from Stone & Violet is a simple yet elegant solution for those of us whose tarot cards and divination tools seem to get scattered to the far winds every time we use them.

But then again, being made from poplar and stained a lovely walnut shade, these storage trays are also a great way to display divination tools, and I can see professional card readers really loving these as a way to keep their favorite decks organized and on hand.

FLORAL LOCKET // FRESHY FIG // $44.40 -$55.60

This sweet, little locket from Freshy Figs is available in gold, rose gold, silver, and features a delicate floral design.

Lockets are such a lovely accessory. I always see them as this timeless feminine fancy, and I just love this modern take.

Described by one reviewer as “mysterious, otherworldy…”, this candle from Old Soul Artisan is as moody and enticing as a candle can be, and of course I cannot talk about this brand without mentioning the packaging.

The way that the creator, Harmony Todd, puts these candles together is a testament to the extra work and care that independent artisans put into their products.

Screen Shot 2018-12-17 at 2.29.14 PM.png

Tell me these aren’t just the best.

The illustrations and the format leave nothing to be desired, and they are just the right amount of eye-catching, which really is something you want from your recipe cards. You need those cards to be unmistakably yours so if someone sees them out on the counter, they know whose dish it is without even having to read the label. Makes it a lot harder for your sister to take credit for your dish.

But maybe that’s just how I feel, and I’m projecting.

Either way, these are great.

RESIN RING // ALOTSS // $38.80


This ring, and everything in the ALOTSS storefront for that matter, is utterly enchanting and looks as though it comes from the pages of a fairytale.

Made with botanicals that are captured in clear resin, this ring is interesting enough to be a statement piece but simple enough for everyday and every occasion.