Rose Vignette Soaps


These interesting little handsoaps are easy to make and add a touch of personal style and homeyness to your bathrooms.

To get started, gather the following ingredients: melt-n-pour argan oil soap base, rose absolute, dried rose buds, vitamin e oil, and soap dye in the color of your choice.

You will also need the following tools: scale, knife, two double boilers (or other soap melting container), and a square soap mold.

Step One:


Weigh out 1lb of soap, cut into chunks, and then place in one of the double boilers. After setting the first double boiler aside, weigh out another pound of soap, cut it into chunks, and place into your second double boiler.

Step Two:

Use your double boilers to melt the soap.

Step Three:

As you wait for the soap to melt, set out your square mold and however many rosebuds you need. My mold had six slots so I set aside six rosebuds.

Step Four:

rose oil

Once your soap is melted, add ten drops of vitamin e oil and fifteen drops of rose absolute to each double boiler. Stir gently.

Step Five:

Ah, the sweet smell of green goo

Ah, the sweet smell of green goo

Add three or four drops of your chosen soap dye to ONE of the double boilers. Do NOT add the dye to both. If you feel like you need to add more than three or four drops of color, do it because you want a good, deep pigment.

Step Six:

Take the soap with the dye in it and pour it into your molds, filling them about half of the way full.

Step Seven:


Let the dyed soap dry for about twenty seconds and place your rosebuds in the center of each soap, pressing down until they stick to the bottom. You do need to move quickly as you do this.

Step Eight:

pour 2

Before the dyed layer has a chance to form a film, take the undyed soap and pour it into the molds, directly over the rose. This is what creates the vignette effect.

Step Nine:

drying soap

Allow your soap to dry for at least three hours. If you notice any roses popping up to the surface as the soap cools, just take a toothpick and press them back down into the mold.

Quick Tip: I like the look of the bubbles on the underside of the soap, but if you don't like that look, simply spray the soap with rubbing alcohol before it has time to set. The alcohol will pop the bubbles without interfering with how your soap dries. 

Step Ten:

You're finished! Once the soap has dried, simply remove the bars from their molds, place them at your sinks, and enjoy!