Favorite Magickal Shops

I was once a pretty bad serial spender when it came to witchcraft supplies. I would spend too much too fast on any number of beautiful witchy items. I have since become vaguely responsible and so only do that on occasion. But when those occasions arise and I feel the urge to splurge (I know I'm a loser; let me rhyme in peace) the following shops are the ones that tempt me the most.

Gray Vervain is a great shop with a very unique inventory. A lot of times I'll learn about something new just by checking out their shop. You can find crystals, altar tiles, curious antiques, and decor, and all of it is absolutely beautiful. 


First Edition Candle Co. creates beautiful, gothic candles that are reasonably priced. These drippy, gorgeous creations are made with magickal, gothic, and horror motifs.

They are perfect for rituals, decor, or both.

Nightshade Botanicals is geared towards hedge witches and is a lovely little shop. Filled with blessed candles, oil blends, and some very handy, very pretty labels, Nightshade Botanicals is definitely a shop to keep your eye on.

Wicked House Merchantile has an extensive inventory that will entice practitioners of virtually every path. Ornate prick pins to magickal tea blends, if you're looking for it, they got it.

One of my favorite things from Wicked House is their selection of starter trunks, which are exactly what they sound like. The mother/daughter team at Wicked House Merchantile creates these huge starter sets that include herbs, roots, cauldrons, and much more. 

One of the first witchcraft shops I ever bought from, Witchcrafts Artisan Alchemy has an extraordinary selection of candles, herbs, spell bottles, resin blends, and much more. 

Green Earth Stones was one of the first places I ever bought crystals from when I was younger, and I still love them, though I've definitely been adding less and less gemstones and crystals to my collection over the past few years. Green Earth Stones remains a favorite of mine because they have a great array and reasonable prices.