Thou shalt covet!

This month’s list features a variety of darkling delights and beautiful creations from some very talented people.

I hope you enjoy it, and I hope you find something that you yourself can covet!


This deck, made up of 33 cards, is both attractive and quite unique. Each card features either a statement or a question this is designed to help you gain self-awareness.

I’ve never seen a deck like this before, but I would be very interested to see how you could use it and also how you could use it in combination with the tarot or an oracle deck.

Handmade using polymer clay and natural moss, these night lights from Snowmade are beyond cute. They come in a variety of styles and add a touch of whimsy to any bedroom. They can be ran for long periods of time without draining much of the battery, and they are lit with LED lights which do not produce heat.

The talented creator behind these lamps, Katya Sneg, has very generously offered a discount code for my readers. Simply use the code “THEPAPERHAUNT” for a 15% discount off of anything in her shop.

You can also follow Katya and see more of her creations on her Instagram page.


Hand-carved from yellow bronze and featuring faceted garnets, these delicate drops from Visa Vis have an air of elegance that is straight from antiquity.

These earrings, as well as many of the other creations in Visa Vis’s storefront, were inspired by the art and symbolism of the ancient world.

Fairytales & Tattoos

This print is titled Fairytales & Tattoos, for pretty obvious reasons, and I am in love with it. It was created by Audrey Benjaminsen, an artist who, not to be dramatic, is better and more talented than most of us could ever hope to be.

Her style is so gorgeous and her subject matter is right up my alley, which—ya know—since you’re reading this post, probably means it would be right up your alley.


A corset, a bra, a peignoir, a pair of stockings, if it is a lovely bit of underpinning, than I want, I lust for, and I double covet it with my whole heart.

I am not quite sure when I first became fascinated with the glamor of corsets, fancy underthings, and dressing gowns, but I have the inkling that it started with pantyhose and then just sort of escalated from there.


Kiku Boutique is based out of the UK, and their creations are, simply put, tributes to creativity and craftsmanship.

Carefully made with gold flakes and real botanicals, this resin ring from Livin Lovin has a real forest fairy kind of vibe that I am very into.

These sweet little accessories are also very affordable and will only set you back $14, which I think is a great deal.


This laser engraved portrait of Vlad Tepes is fit for the homes of darklings and horror lovers everywhere. It measures in at 11.5 x 7.5, making it a little longer than your average piece of paper, which is a nice size for artwork like this. It’s big enough to grab attention, but not so big that it consume an entire wall.

Little decorating/socializing tip: hang it in your dining room, directly above the head of the table, invest in a good set of silver drinking goblets, learn how to get your hair into that spiffy double croissant updo à la Gary Oldman in Tim Burton’s Dracula, and invite some friends over for dinner.

No one is going to be spooked by this behavior, of course. You will just look like a big dork with a cool piece of wall art, but you’ll have had some fun.

This elegant pendant from Plum & Posey features the image of the dragon, an ancient symbol of protection, adorning a shield. It is a simple but eye-catching piece, and you can choose both the length and style of chain used in the necklace, or you can purchase the pendant alone.

Plum & Posey has a fairly large and unique variety of wax seal jewelry, and if you like this pendant, you should absolutely go check out the rest of their pieces. Their jewelry features heraldic imagery, Victorian imagery, religious themes, you name it.

They even have a piece that depicts a witch flying on her broomstick with the phrase “We all have our hobbies” above her, which is as amazing as it sounds.

Mischief Made is a very cool, very fun, and very cute brand that comes to us from California. The brand is inspired by styles of the ’40s, ’50s, and ‘60s, with influences from pinup styles and tattoo culture. They offer everything from tees and printed bandanas to cardigans and adorable sweaters, like you see here.

The “Step into My Parlor” sweater depicts a voluptuous lady laying across her chaise/giant spider, you know, as one does.

Have I mentioned how much I love oracle cards?

I know tarot readers usually keep their deepest affections geared towards the traditionalmajor and minor arcana, but listen, oracle cards are just so much fun.

I mean, look at this lovely lady.

This deck features the imagery of the Victorian era and really captures the intrigue and romantic aura of the time. If you are in the market for unique and beautiful—emphasis on beautiful—decks or pendulum charts, go have a look at Wychwood Oracle on Etsy.