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Thou Shalt Covet!


Oh, hello.

I know that I’ve been missing from this blog, but when I say that THE COVET LIST † No. 6 has been on hold for very good reasons, know that they are VERY good reasons.

It has been a difficult past few months for me, and many things have happened, some of which turned my world on its head. I am getting better, and I’m trying to get back to my regular schedule, but that can be hard to do when you’re mourning.

And I’m sure at least one person reading this is going, “okay, well, if something bad happened you shouldn’t be making posts about pretty stuff on the internet—material goods wont bring happiness! You’re not being sad in the way I think you should be sad!”

Here’s the thing:

I’ve been very sad for awhile now, and though we all know that pretty stuff won’t make the sad go away, it sure is pretty. And more importantly, that pretty stuff was made by the many people in this world who work hard to make some very special things for the rest of us, and—every now and again—I think it’s nice to acknowledge that work.

In short, I can appreciate a handmade necklace and mourn at the same time.

I, like many people, love using wax seals. They add an extra bit of specialness to the formality that is correspondence, and this seal from Saint Signora certainly is quite special.

The seal depicts smaller stars and scrollwork framing the large central star—a celestial scene made by Katie Hyatt @signoraemare on IG.

ATUKO designs have been included on this list before, and they almost certainly will be included again. Their designs are minimal and clean without being boring or harsh. I feel that many pieces from minimalist clothing lines look like they could belong to the teenage heroine in any given dystopian YA novel, and I don’t necessarily love that.

Luckily, ATUKO is better than that.

This enchanting sweater is both dramatic and wearable. It is made with a blend of young wool, mohair, and acrylic, meaning that, while it could still irritate super sensitive skin, it is a bit softer than traditional wool sweaters.


In the past few months, things have happened that make me feel differently about family photos and about having my own photo taken.

We live in a world where photos are everywhere, particularly in the palm of our hand, but still, photo albums are something special, something you can pass down from generation to generation, no matter how much technology changes.

This album from Codice is a beautiful way to both protect your photos as well as keep them in order.

Jamie Spinello is an Austin-based, multitalented artist who makes futuristic sculptures, paints mind-bending dreamscapes, and creates beautiful, intricate jewelry pieces like this one. I discovered Jamie through Etsy, and when I asked her if she would mind me using a photo of her work for this list, she directed me to her own website.

And I’ve been stalking it since then.

Her work, whether it be the jewelry, the paintings, or the sculptures (oh my goood, the sculptures), is amazing, but today I’m going to talk about this beauty. The idea for this piece came to Jamie in a dream, which I dig, and it features imagery that is inspired by Nehebkau, an Egyptian god said to be responsible for binding the soul after death, as well as guarding the underworld. And, as Jamie explains on the product page, Nehebkau was often depicted as a two-headed snake, and snakes, as you can probably tell by my logo design, are near and dear to my heart.

I love this piece so much, and I just think it is beyond gorgeous and has this great, mystical vibe.

You can join me in stalking Jamie by going to her website—linked above— or by going to her Instagram @jamiespinello


This beautiful dress from Thief & Bandit is handprinted on comfortable jersey material, and features a flutter bodice and a fierce but elegant ‘birds of prey’ motif.

Theif & Bandit designs start out as illustrations that are then hand printed onto the fabrics, that are then cut and sewn by their seamstresses.

I love their designs, and that’s really all their is to it. There is a distinct bohemian flair to most of their pieces, but there’s nothing unpolished about any of it.


Made with coconut wax and scented with neroli, jasmine, and coconut, this candle from Rowe Atelier caught my eye for all the things it isn’t.

There’s nothing wrong with having a lot of faff, especially when it comes to luxury items, but sometimes it’s nice to see a return to basics, which is what I feel this is.

1939 is a refined but comforting scent captured in clean-burning wax and packaged in an elegant black jar.

10s across the board.

Inspired by celestial bodies and the astronomer, Ptolemy, who watched and tracked them ever so closely, these earrings from Eugenie Bee are befitting their heavenly inspiration. They are made with 18KG and glimmering Swarovski crystals that ensure the wearer will be as dazzling as any star.

Finding black licorice scented bath and body products is a mission in my life, and it’s a mission that I rarely succeed in. People are pretty unenthusiastic about anise, and I will never understand why. There are few things in the world that I enjoy more than a nice licorice candy or a hot shower, and this line from Three Sisters Apothecary let’s me have both.

Sort of.

I’m sure that the soap smells good enough to eat, but I would stick to washing with it.


Inspired by the tales of the Grimm brothers, this lovely painting by Lily Seika depicts Snow White making her way through the dark woods.

I love Lily Seika’s work so, so much. Though her subjects are often fantastic, realism balances out the whimsy and makes for an art style that is completely unique.


ENDE Ceramics makes things that are a little over the top. Their offerings are sometimes strange, sometimes opulent, and sometimes both.

This bone china mug has a Mobius strip handle, and its interior is painted with real gold. Honestly, I don’t usually love the use of gold in everyday objects—I generally think its a sad marketing ploy—but these mugs are absolutely beautiful. The design and craftsmanship transform what could be garish into something elegant and modern.


Son De Flor is known for their simple but lovely designs, which they bring to life using natural fibers such as linen and wool.

This lavender dress caught my eye when I was scanning their page. It features a Peter Pan collar and a classic full circle skirt. There is a romantic quality to this dress, despite—or perhaps because of—its simplicity, and it’s a kind of quality that you don’t see so often anymore.

I was born in June, on the 13th of June to be exact, and whenever I go to buy birthstone jewelry, I am generally offered something made with pearl or with moonstone, but me and everyone else born in June know the truest truth: our birthstone is alexandrite. The beautiful, the fairly expensive, the not commonly used, alexandrite.


I am a little bit obsessed with alexandrite because, obviously, it is pretty. It is a color-shifting blue-purple-and sometimes-green stone that, if I had tons and tons of money, would be on my every digit and available appendage.

I found this elegant beauty when I was on the hunt for my birthstone and just thought it was such a clean, beautiful design, and to top it off, Oore and its owner, Uma Gordin, are right here in North Carolina.


Brett Manning is a fantastic artist, and sometimes she makes her work into cool, cozy blankets, like this one. There is not too, too much I can say about this. It’s a really fun design, and all of the reviews say that the blanket is soft and cuddly.

There’s really not much else you can want or expect from a blanket.