Making Bracelets


Single-strand bracelets are easy to make and are a great way to practice your design skills. You can make one in as little as twenty minutes, provided you have the right tools. You will need: flat-nose pliers, wire-cutting pliers, beads, beading wire, a toggle clasp, and two crimp beads.

Crimp beads

Crimp beads

Beading Wire

Beading Wire

Step One:

String together your bracelet, which should be roughly 5.5/6 inches depending on your wrist size. The crimp beads should be the last beads on both sides. 

Step two:

DSC_1503 (2).jpg

Slip the wire through the connecting ring on one piece of the toggle clasp, and then double back through the crimp bead. Pull the loop taut, but not so tight that the clasp cannot wiggle. 

Step Three:


Using your flat-nosed pliers, squish the crimp bead. Now, this is easier than you may think so don't go full gusto or you could break the bead. 

Step Four:

Follow the first three steps on the other side using the second component of the toggle clasp. 

Step Five:


You're done! The only thing left to do is wear your bracelet or give it to someone else!