Love & Light & Other Lies


The world of card readers, particularly in my online experience with the world of card readers, can be an echo chamber filled with love and light and soul contracts and destiny and other concepts that are not even a little bit helpful.

It can also be a world filled with hopelessness.

So let me just tell you what I believe.

I do not believe that love and light will help with much of anything. I do not believe that you must suffer because of some glowing soul contract that allowed you to exist in this plane. I do not believe in destiny.  

I believe that things change every second of every day because of the decisions we all make, because of our free will and determination, because we exist for no other reason than ourselves.

 Love and light won’t free you. Love and light is one of the more depressing philosophies around. You are not a hostage of the universe that can only be freed by smiling through pain. You are the only one that can free you.

The wealthy did not love and light abundance into their life. The powerful did not manifest it through meditation. The oppressive systems in our world are often the things that hold us down, not our mindset.

I do not do tarot readings to assure you that everything is okay, that everything is apart of some bigger plan. I do readings to help you view the world in a different light, to help you see and use the energies around you, and to help you do what is best for you.

Your world is your own. Your experience is your own. You do not owe the universe anything.