Angel Numbers

Angel numbers have been a big deal in the world of the metaphysical for a long time, and I’m not going to lie, people can get a little too, ya know, in your face about them, but they are really fascinating as well as a big part of my practice in recent months.

Angel numbers are, well, all numbers. The difference between seeing a regular number and seeing an angel number is how often you see it. For example, you look at the clock and its 8:46. No big deal. That’s just the time. Later that day you go to the store for something small, and the cashier rings you up and says, “Your total is $8.46.”

Maybe that’s just a coincidence, but still.

Later on you sit down to watch a show on TV. It’s a historical show on famous architecture, and they begin a segment on the Tower of Pisa. The narrator goes into detail about how the tower came to be; how it took two centuries to complete once its construction began in 1173, roughly 846 years ago.


Now, we’re out of the land of coincidence and into the land of synchronicity.

Three times in one day you saw or heard the same seemingly random number. What does it mean? Why is it appearing to me?

Well, it means that somebody has something to say to you, and they are making damn sure that you are paying attention. But before I get into what they’re trying to say, I wanted to explain my use of the word angels really quickly. What some people in the metaphysical community, myself included, call angels, aren’t always angels in the traditional sense. Sometimes they are literal angels of some kind, but often they are guardian spirits or elevated beings.

Got it? Good. Back to angel numbers.

In this particular case, with the number being 846, the angel is trying to tell you that your diligence and hard-work hasn’t been for nothing. Your goals are within your reach, and the universe supports you because you are on your true divine path.

See each number, each digit, has its own vibration, its own energy, and when there is a number with multiple digits, each digit means something on its own which adds to the overall energy. But to understand the complete meaning you must also take into account the overall sum of the digits.

The most common and most affirming angel numbers are repeating numbers, such as the ones I have listed in my notebook below.

DSC_2269 (1).jpg

Have you seen angel numbers? Do you want to know more? Let me know in the comments if you are interested!