Bringing a Chinese Deity Home


A Chinese deity can have a significant impact on your home. Caishen, the god of wealth, is usually invoked during the Chinese New Year celebration. People pray to Caishen to be generous and kind in the year ahead. This god is also invoked during the spring cleaning ritual. Many people have heard the saying, “Don’t sweep towards the front door, as it sweeps away Caishen.”

Tudi Gong

The Chinese deity Tudi Gong is an important part of Chinese religion. According to traditional beliefs, he is the god of towns, villages, households, and streets. He has a much different role than his more renowned counterpart, Cheng Huang, who serves as the heavenly bureaucrat. Although Tudi Gong is sometimes associated with famine and drought, he is also seen as a god of wealth and prosperity.

In ancient China, people were devoting the land to the Tudi Gong. Land was a vital part of life and was highly regarded as the main source of food, shelter, and clothing. The land deity was represented by a pile of earth, and the landowners would pray to it with offerings. They would also perform various devotional rituals to their land god.

Today, many Chinese homes feature statues of this deity. Traditionally, this deity is associated with prosperity, longevity, and happiness. Its festival date is the fifth day of the New Year. This deity is also associated with Feng shui and Daoism.

The Chinese believe in the power of the deities to help people in difficult times. They see them as protectors of their town and the entire world. The Si da tian wang, the guardians of the Temple, are believed to be a part of this lord. They are all related to the four elements and are the guardians of the universe.

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Bringing a Chinese Deity Home
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