Chinese Deity With Snake Body


If you’re curious about the snake body deities of China, you’ve come to the right place. We’ll discuss Nuwa, Guan Shu, Di Jiang, and Bi Fang in this article. Each of these snake gods has its own attributes and characteristics.

Jiu Wei Hu

The Chinese deity with snake body Jiu WeI Hu is a mythological creature. The deity was first mentioned in the Soushen Ji, but many other legends mention him as well. The name translates into “boar with serpent body.” The deity is associated with famine, pestilence, and drought. In Southeast Asia, he is often depicted as a flying head.

According to legend, this snake-like creature was killed repeatedly with a blow to its head, but was then revived by the wind. In the Shan Hai Jing, this deity was also described as a harbinger of harvests. Other mythological creatures include the Daolao Gui, a snake-like demon who resides in the mountains. These creatures are deadly and often attack people with poisonous projectiles.

Other creatures associated with this serpent-like figure include the Bixi, an ancient Chinese mythical creature with a tortoise-like shell. Its name is also synonymous with “famous horse” in Chinese culture. In addition, the Da Peng was a huge bird, originally an enormous fish called the Kun. In Feng Shui, the deity is associated with metals, while Bifang Niao is associated with fiery disasters.

In addition to the Jiu Wei Hu, there are a number of deities associated with snake-like snakes. The Chinese deity with snake-like snakes are regarded as protectors of Buddhists and medical gods.

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Chinese Deity With Snake Body
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