30 Favorite Magickal Shops

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This article will highlight 30 of my favorite magickal shops. I will include items I use daily and those that I can’t live without. If you’re looking for new supplies, I highly recommend The Magickal Store. The store’s backroom studio hosts workshops and classes on everything from casting spells and brewing potions to making candles. If you want to get creative, they also have ticketed events that you can attend.

Located in Houston, Magick Cauldron is the largest Pagan shop in the city. Here you can find herbs, incense, handmade soaps, and even swords! If you are planning a trip to the area, don’t miss this shop! It’s just a 10-minute drive from Montrose, Texas, where there’s a Renaissance Festival each year. This shop offers a wide variety of Pagan supplies and is a great place to pick up a few gifts.

The store’s location makes it one of my favorite shops, and I’m not just talking about the books. The store also hosts many mystical events and community groups, so you can find all sorts of items here. It’s worth a trip if you’re looking for something out of the ordinary. The store sells everything from tarot decks to tarot cards. And if you’re looking for gifts to help you manifest your inner self, you’ll find a plethora of magical items at the store.

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The South Side Metaphysical Shop is a local institution that gives off a serene energy every time you walk in. There’s an extensive collection of magical items here, including lots of Mala beads, and you can get a psychic reading as well. The store also hosts workshops on various aspects of paganism, tarot reading, and more. All of these places are wonderful resources for anyone interested in practicing any or all paths of metaphysics.

The Metaphysical Supply Store is one of Chicago’s favorite metaphysical stores. The store stocks a huge array of metaphysical supplies, including tarot and oracle decks, spell candles, and herbal products. The store even has a black cat named Lucy. This cute feline is known to hiss. The store is a popular meeting place for local witches and is located just ten minutes from campus.

Epps Apothecary in Marquette is another local magickal shop. Located in the downtown of the city, this store doubles as an art gallery and metaphysical shop. The store’s decor is reminiscent of the mystical lands of the Wizard of Oz. Here, you can get tarot readings and star chart analysis, or simply purchase items to make your own rituals. The store even hosts community events so you can meet fellow witches and shamans.

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30 Favorite Magickal Shops
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