"Pick a Card" Oracle Reading † Jan. 9th to Jan. 16th

I did this reading with the Goddess Guidance Oracle Cards, which you can find on Amazon, and I hope it helps you understand the energies that will be surrounding you in the upcoming week.

I did not use any physical markers this time (i.e. the jewelry from the last reading) because I was afraid that people were choosing the stack with their aesthetic eye and not their, you know, third eye. And yes, I know that you hate me for making you read that punny, fluffy bunny, appropriative phrase, but just know that I hate myself more.

Let’s try to get past it. Together.

Before we get to the readings, here is a quick primer for those of you who clicked this post wondering what “pick a card” readings are.

“Pick a card” readings are readings where the cards are shuffled then split into however many sets the reader desires. The sets are presented, and you choose the stack that calls to you. The reading for that stack is the reading meant for you.

Get it? Got it? Good.

Stack No. 1

Card No. 1

Eireen is a Greek goddess who asks us to calm ourselves, to quite literally send our worries to the heavens. What I would take from this card is that, though you’ve been stressed, know that everything is working out and that panicking about it isn’t going to help anyone, especially yourself. Keep your head down, do what you need to do, but don’t freak out.

Card No. 2

This card tells us that the great outdoors, or at least the porch, is calling your name. Cordelia is a Celtic goddess associated with May, the month of blooming flowers and the start of Summer. Drawing her in this reading means that you should try to meditate this week. Find time, even if it’s just a few minutes, to appreciate the beauty of the natural world and its order.

Card No. 3

You are a giver. That much is obvious. But if you are giving and never receiving, that’s a problem. Sedna is the Inuit goddess of the sea who provides the sea mammals that hunters have sustained themselves and their families off of, but Sedna is still a rather tragic goddess. See her story goes that the reason she commands the sea life is because they were made from her own mutilated hands when her father chopped them off.

There is anger and hurt in this card, resentment, which can poison you. Understand that if you are giving for the wrong reason, it will only hurt you. Take yourself back. Take time for yourself.


This reading is pretty cut and dry.

In the upcoming week, you will feel tested, but you must understand that it isn’t cause for further worry. Everything is going to work out.

Try to take time for yourself. Meditate. Go for a walk. Above all, don’t take things out on those around you, and if you need help, you should ask for it. And if you feel others are taking advantage of your giving nature, confront them about it.

Stack No. 2


Card No. 1

Damara’s influence, though generally associated with children, does not lead me to believe that this reading has anything to do with kids, really. This has to do with your inner child. Your sense of wonder. The world has gotten you down lately, and you need to rediscover that childlike gaze. Perhaps consider the things you loved doing as a child. Meditate on the beauty in the world.

Card No. 2

Aphrodite has been drawn and she tells you to honor thyself. You are a creation of the universe and therein divine. Appreciate your feminine side. Don’t let the world’s constant belittling of femininity to poison you. The feminine is apart of the balance. It is a loving, sensual force within all creation, not just women, and it helps us understand ourselves better.

Card No. 3

Stop worrying so much. Stop believing that the worst is going to happen. Not only does that bring about a self fulfilling prophecy, but it probably, wholesale, isn’t true. The sky isn’t going to fall. Though it is hard, very hard, try to loosen your grip. Even if it’s only a little. Loosen up.

The earth is spinning, the ground is still solid enough, the day begins and ends as it has for Millenia. You are safe.


This week will have you finding the wonder in the world and the beauty in your own being. Love yourself. Love those around you. But understand that love and worry combined can be suffocating. Breathe. Inhale. Exhale.

We’re gonna be okay.

Stack No. 3


Card No.1

Right off the bat, I know that you are in a transitional time in some way. Perhaps you are leaving a job, perhaps you are leaving a relationship, either way this change is going to be good for you. Lakshmi tells you that everything is going to be okay. Better than okay, actually. Your future is bright. But you cannot allow yourself to second guess the optimism that you have. There is an ugly little voice in your head that tells you that everything is going to go badly. It lies and tells you that the future is without promise. Squish that bitty voice. It isn’t your intuition trying to warn you, it is your own fears trying to hurt you.

Card No. 2

Kali plays off of the last card nicely. If you want a new relationship, a new job, a new whatever, you need to completely release the old. Let it die. Send it up. It’s done. When you cling to the past you don’t leave room for the future. What’s done is done.

Card No. 3

Do not feel guilty for leaving situations that were harming you. Do not feel remorse for removing abusive people from your life. Maat knows all about justice and fairness and she asks you to leave those feelings behind. They will only hinder you. Unless of course you have been unfair to someone, and in that case you should think on that, but I don’t think that you have. I think you may be punishing yourself for putting yourself first, which you should not do.


The changes in your life may be causing anxiety, but they are going to give you a better tomorrow. Stop second guessing yourself, and put your fears and bad relationships, both in work and in romance, to rest. You should not feel guilty for trying to improve your own life.

Stack No. 4


Card No. 1

New plans for the new year, huh? Good. Your creativity was being stifled. It’s time to let it reign.

Do not fear the future. Abundantia promises that the world wants to give you abundance, it wants you to prosper, but in order for that to happen, you must be open to it. You must open yourself to the ever giving and loving world. Yes, it is true that there is no end to need and lack in this world, but that is because of the greed and selfishness of other humans. It is not because the world is barren. Prosperity is possible. You need only open yourself. Even if you go through rough patches, you need to believe in yourself, you need to believe that you are worthy of joy and prosperity because you are.

Card No. 2

Bast is a fiercely independent goddess and she tells us that your independent streak will guide you to success, but as you walk your own path, make sure to not abandon your loved ones. Or really, don’t abandon that special, special loved one.

The specific energy of this reading makes me feel like this is referring to a lover, and as Bast is associated with cats, her independence is tempered with playfulness and love. So don’t get tunnel vision when it comes to your financial and creative goals. Pursue them, of course, but leave time for that special someone.

This card has some sexual energy to it, if you haven’t figured that out, and so you know. Don’t, um, don’t bottle that up.

Card No. 3

Brigit is a fiery Celtic goddess and her presence in this reading tells me that you must not divert from your new path. It is apart of your highest truth. Though your path may be twisted and dark, your goal must be the light that guides you through it. Within you is the power to make your goals become your reality.

You can do this.


As you move boldly along your new path a positive mindset and a clear goal will do a world of good. This new path will bring you both happiness and prosperity, not just a paycheck. But as you go forward, don’t lose sight of those dear to you. Don’t neglect your significant other and don’t neglect your own need for romance and sensuality.

I hope these readings were helpful to you! If you enjoyed it, maybe share this page. It really helps!

Have a beautiful day!