Absinthe Inspired Ice Cream

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Absinthe is a popular anise-flavored liquor, and absinthe inspired ice cream is one way to enjoy a glass of the spirit without spending a fortune. This ice cream is hand-piped with crushed orange candy and has meringue kisses. The ice cream is a refreshing treat that is also good for those who don’t like the taste of chocolate ice cream.

The drink has a reputation for being highly alcoholic and demonised, but in recent years, it has returned to the mainstream. This creamy confection combines absinthe angelique with a hazelnut liqueur called Frangelico. It sings with a dark chocolate hazelnut flavor and a crisp mint finish. Its high alcohol content makes it the perfect adult indulgence. But beware: absinthe inspired ice cream is not for the faint-hearted!

Absinthe has an intriguing history. It was banned in the United States for nearly a century. However, its reputation as a hallucination-inducing green fairy isn’t entirely accurate. In fact, absinthe’s primary ingredient, wormwood, contains a chemical called thujone, which can cause hallucinations and cause death in large doses. However, the amount of thujone in absinthe is tiny. Most absinthe lovers don’t experience these symptoms. Instead, absinthe’s high alcohol content is likely to be the culprit.

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When it comes to preparing an absinthe-inspired ice cream, you’ll need to follow a simple absinthe ritual. Mixing a spoonful of sugar with a small amount of ice-cream is the key to an absinthe-inspired ice cream. The sugar will caramelize as the absinthe mixture is mixed. Once you’re finished, the absinthe ice cream will turn a dark amber color.

The absinthe inspiration comes from its origins. Absinthe is an anise-flavored liquor made by steeping wormwood in alcohol. Absinthe is notable for its chlorophyll content and dazzling emerald-green color. It becomes cloudy white when mixed with water. Its original liqueur, Pernod, is still distilled today. You can also substitute other liqueurs for the wormwood.

In 1912, the U.S. Department of Agriculture banned absinthe. The alcohol was believed to be a social poison, and alcoholics consuming it were more likely to commit crimes. Since then, the United States has lifted the ban and the beverage is legal in many states. Absente absinthe inspired ice cream is a way to enjoy the drink in moderation. You’ll be happy you did!

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Absinthe Inspired Ice Cream
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