Make Love to a Chinese Deity With a Nose


Have you ever wanted to make love to a Chinese deity with a nose? If so, you are not alone. Many myths and stories about such relationships include the She-hare, Hu Tianbao, and God Nose. These stories have fascinated people for centuries.

God Nose

The Chinese believe that the nose is the sex organ of a deity. It is also believed that a deity’s nose can have magical powers. For instance, Yue Lao, the matchmaker god, can help two people find each other. He is also known as the “Old Man Under the Moon.”

Yue Lao

The Yue Lao Chinese deity, associated with the Zhou dynasty, was a female deity associated with fertility and healing. She is often depicted holding a court on Kunlun Mountain. Her gardens were abundant with medicinal herbs. Huang Di also had a taste for peaches, which she called the peaches of immortality. These peaches ripened only once every three thousand years.

Hu Tianbao

Hu Tianbao is a Chinese deity that has been worshipped for thousands of years. Images of Hu Tianbao depict him in an embrace with another man. This deity was once a temple dedicated to a gay couple that was destroyed during World War II. The villagers had to keep the reason for the temple’s existence a secret.

Hu Tianbao is a deity in the Rabbit God Temple in China. He lived during the Qing dynasty and was a homosexual. According to one legend, he was fascinated with an imperial inspector. When his infatuation was exposed, he was beaten to death. After his death, he became a deity that supervised homosexual relationships. Because of his reputation, he is sometimes referred to as the Rabbit God.

Taibao (Tai Bao)

The Chinese deity Tu’er Shen relates to the management of homosexual relationships and patronizes gay men. He is also known as the “Old Man Under the Moon” and was born of Hu Tianbao, a newly appointed anti-corruption official from an early Qing dynasty province. The deity was so afraid of the inspector that he attended public hearings to see him and even hid in a bathroom to catch a glimpse of him. But the inspector caught him peeping through the wall.

Yue Lao oversees heterosexual love affairs.

Taiwanese temples often feature a chamber dedicated to worshiping Yue Lao, a Chinese deity who oversees heterosexual love affairs. Straight couples can leave messages for Yue Lao in this chamber. Interestingly, Yue Lao has a corresponding counterpart in the form of the Rabbit God, who oversees homosexual relationships.

Wei Gu came to Yue Lao seeking a wife. He was shown a vision of an older woman and a child. In the picture, he ordered a servant to kill the child, but the child survived and escaped with a severe injury. Years later, he found a suitable wife and noticed the child’s scar.


Chinese deities have noses. Yue Lao, the Old Man Under the Moon, is a matchmaker god for heterosexual relationships. But what about homosexual relationships? Is there a way to avoid qixiongdi? This article will look at the history of the practice and discuss some of the myths surrounding it.

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Make Love to a Chinese Deity With a Nose
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