A Hundred Kid Chinese Deity


A hundred kid Chinese deity is a common myth in Chinese culture. They are believed to have miraculous powers and have the ability to heal people. The child’s extreme devotion to them can be in the form of suicide and self-wounding, as well as healing their parents of ill health and even saving their lives.

The Stove God

The Chinese believe in the Stove God, or Zao Shen, which means “the stove master.” Various Chinese deities protect homes and food, and the Stove God is one of them. He is said to return to Heaven during the Chinese New Year. Other Chinese deities include the Jade Emperor, which is also known as Yu Huang.

Many people believe that these deities were the ancestors of our modern door gods. The earliest depictions of these deities were in human form. According to Robert L. Chard, a scholar of ancient Liji art, many stove gods were represented in human form. Examples of such prints are found in Po 23-59, Paver Joss 108, and Po 78-79.

Superstitious practices

In ancient China, people were very superstitious and believed in ghosts, demons, and gods. For example, on July 15th, people in southern China worship the river gods, hoping that it will bring good crop yield for the year ahead. Nowadays, however, superstitions are not as common, though many Chinese still believe in fate and destiny. For example, Chinese people often consult a fortune teller at crossroads, believing that it can bring them good luck.

In China, these superstitions have been around for many years, originating from the ancient religious beliefs of primitive societies. As the Chinese society began to modernize, these traditions were modernized and secularized. Superstitions in China vary widely and vary from province to province.

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A Hundred Kid Chinese Deity
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