A bit About Me…


My name is Sydney.

I am a tarot card reader, witch, writer, and creator.

I have been a practicing witch for over a decade, and I have in depth knowledge of various paths, techniques, and systems. I am a devotee of the divine feminine in all her forms. I believe that witchcraft is a way for us to take action and claim responsibility for our lives, and so I use my knowledge, research, and experience to aid others.

The Paper Haunt is both a shop for purchasing my guidance and works as well as a journal dedicated to my life, spirituality, and my interests. I post reviews, monthly favorites, articles on spirituality, witchcraft, the tarot, and more.

Why The Paper Haunt?

Well, it seems like that is exactly what I am! I spend my days researching, riffling cards, and writing. It is my job—and great pleasure—to be the specter of cards, the phantom of words, The Paper Haunt!