For Strange Women by Jill Sargent


I’ve recently been reading For Strange Women by Jill Sargent. This book is one of those rare gems that’s geared towards both women and men. I was surprised to find that Jill is a mother! I guess, that’s not too unusual, but I did not expect it! A mother of three and a woman of many ages, Jill’s work is a great example of this! Despite being a mother of three, Jill’s feminism and her love of nature inspired her to write this book.

For Strange Women by Jill Sargent image 1

For Strange Women Perfume was founded in 2009 by Jill. The company now has a brick-and-mortar store in downtown Kansas City, MO. Jill formulates all of the fragrances and runs the business with one assistant. The brand has over three thousand sales on Etsy alone, and Jill is still very much the one behind the perfume formulas. There are no other scents like hers! You can find her scents in more than 35,000 stores!

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