Rocksbox: Review

For the past month, there have been advertisements for Rocksbox all over my Instagram feed. I was immediately interested in the service. And, though I don't really like subscription services, I loved the concept of Rocksbox. For $21/month, I could rent quality jewelry, and that got my attention.

I love jewelry. Love it. I love the history of jewelry. I love the process of making jewelry. I love every style of jewelry. Modern, bohemian, Edwardian, Art deco, I love it all. But while I love it in every design style, I don't necessarily love every design.

At this point in my life, my style is not Goth, but it is definitely a little gothic (there's a difference; I promise). The jewelry that I like either looks like it belongs to a vampire hippie or a wealthy, elderly woman who practices witchcraft in her spare time. And as I was looking at Rocksbox’s Instagram page, I was beginning to doubt that they had darker, gaudier styles available.

I am, however, happy to report that they do. 

I browsed their available jewelry and found a lot of things that were right up my alley. Lots of gunmetal, lots of gold, lots of gemstones, and lots of tassels. 

They really do accommodate all styles. They have both delicate and gaudy jewelry; pastel and dark jewelry; cute and gothic jewelry. It's a pretty diverse selection, so I decided to try it out.

So let me just walk you through what that entails.

As you sign up, you fill out a detailed style profile, and when you have your account all set up, you go through their jewelry and add the pieces you like to your wish list. Once you have a certain number of pieces on your wish list, you add your favorites to your top ten. Your top ten tells them which pieces you want the most. 

From signing up to the arrival of the first box, it took six days. Not bad at all. 


My first set included tassel earrings from Perry Street; drop earrings from Rudiment; and mother of pearl earrings from Kendra Scott. All of them were in perfect condition, and you would have never known that they weren't brand new. 

I kept this set for about a week before sending it back, which was very easy. Each set comes in a reusable mailing envelope and includes a return label. All you have to do is package up the jewelry, put them in the mailer, slap on the return label, and put it in the mailbox. 


I returned my first set on Tuesday of last week and received my second set on Saturday. Again, not bad. Pretty impressive, actually.

My second set included the gold and blue crystal necklace from House of Harlow 1960; the brass and emerald glass earrings from Kendra Scott; and the zigzag stacking rings from Sophie Harper.

I have to say that I loved this set even more than my first, and I will absolutely be keeping the zigzag stacking rings. Which brings me to another one of Rocksbox's features.


Each month, you pay $21 to rent the jewelry, however, if there is something in a set that you love, you can buy it, and the $21 monthly payment will go towards that purchase.

But, again, this is quality jewelry that you are renting. It isn't cheap. Even at a discounted price, this jewelry can be fairly expensive.

Case in point: the House of Harlow 1960 piece is $54. Not too bad. The zigzag rings from Sophie Harper are $51. Again, not too bad. However, the brass and emerald studs from Kendra Scott are $110. Not great. Not shocking because of the materials that they are made of, but it's still not great. 

I don't really have a problem with Rocksbox in this respect, but it is something I have seen others talking about. Some of the jewelry remains very expensive to purchase even after it's been rented back and forth for some time, and I don't know how I feel about that considering that those earrings in particular did look as though they had a bit of wear. 

All in all, I think Rocksbox is one of the few subscription boxes out there that serves a real purpose besides introducing you to stuff you would have never bought on your own. It does what it promises, it isn't horrifyingly expensive, and the shipping times are pretty fantastic.

I will definitely keep using Rocksbox, and I would absolutely recommend it to anyone who wears jewelry on a daily basis or who wants to try new styles without breaking the bank.