Chinese Deities and Their Fighting Rings


Chinese deities are often depicted as warriors, displaying a unique combat style. They may be shown wearing a ring of fire or riding Wind Fire Wheels. They may also wear a Red Armillary Sash and a Fire-tipped Spear. Some of these gods can also spit rainbows.

Lu dong bin

The legend says that a Chinese deity named Lu Dong Bin was born on the 14th day of the fourth month of the Chinese calendar. He was born in a room filled with a sweet fragrance. Lu DongBin became immortal when he fell into a peach tree that grew from the sky. He is a poet and a scholar who was raised to immortality. He was one of the Eight Immortals and was worshiped by Taoists.

Tengkong Jian

Many myths surround using the Tengkong Jian, also known as the Airborne Sword. It is a powerful weapon used by the deity Zhuanxu. Other Chinese mythological weapons include the Wuse Bi, also known as the Five Colors Brush, and the Zhangba Shemao, also known as the Eight-Foo Lance.

Cheng Huang

Cheng Huang is a Buddhist deity and the supreme minister of justice. He is also known as the Soul of the Universe. He appears in the Journey to the West and is said to be the nephew of the Jade Emperor. In some versions of the story, Cheng Huang may have been based on a historical figure, Li Erlang Li Er Lang, who was a water engineer during the Warring States period. His work led to the development of irrigation in Sichuan.

Chinese mythology has several different deities. One of them is Cheng Huang, whose official status was exalted at the end of an extended period. He was often a deceased local official revered because he had served the community well. In the past, a city could change the local Cheng Huang by forgetting the old one and welcoming the new protector to the temple.


In Chinese mythology, Ne Zha is a deity who fights with fire. The story behind her birth and rebirth is complex and has several versions, but the most popular one is revealed in the classic Chinese novel Feng Shen Bang. The myth says that Ne Zha is born as the third son of the deity Li Jing and his wife, Lady Yin. Lady Yin was pregnant with Nezha for three years. Li Jing thought the child was a demon, so he attacked her. After the devil killed the dragon, Ne Zha’s birth was revealed, and the boy Nezha was born. He was blessed with two older brothers, Xiaoping and Xiao Yang, who both had powers and were willing to fight for their beliefs.

Nezha is a powerful and wrathful deity. As a child, she battles the Dragon King and his minions. She performs various combat forms, including spear twirling and fighting routines, often accompanied by Beijing opera music.

Nezha’s life story is a tragic one. She was a Taoist whose father burned down his temple, leaving her spirit homeless. Fortunately, Taiyi Zhenren intervened and gave Nezha a new body and powerful weapons. The two fought for a while, but Nezha eventually won the battle.

While the story of Nezha is fictional, the concept has been incorporated into Chinese deity traditions for a long time. The mythology behind the deity is rich and complex. In the past, the god was revered for his abilities. The Creators of ancient China fought with each other to see who would win the fight.

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Chinese Deities and Their Fighting Rings
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