Chinese Deity Nezha and the Fire Wheel


The Chinese deity Nezha is a guardian deity and protector. His role is to protect the Li Jing from harm. He rides a horse with fire coming from its nostrils and carries a magical weapon. If you’re curious to learn more about the deity and its role in Chinese culture, you’ve come to the right place.

Nezha is a protection deity in Chinese folk religion

The Chinese protection deity Nezha has various names but is usually depicted as a young androgynous boy with flames instead of feet. He is associated with heaven, which is full of traditional Chinese gods and deities, including the moon goddess Chang’e.

According to legend, Nezha was born in the Shang dynasty. He was the child of a military commander, Li Jing, who would become the “Pagoda-wielding Heavenly King.” The mother, Lady Yin, gave birth to a ball of flesh, which Li Jing believed was a demon. When Li Jing went to attack the ball, it split open and Nezha was born as a boy. The immortal Taiyi Zhenren adopted Nezha and gave him two brothers, one who had already been born.

After his son died, Li Jing attempted to commit suicide, but Randeng Daoren saved his life by trapping Nezha in a golden tower. Li Jing later became a Burning Pagoda Taoist and adopted Nezha as his protector.

Nezha’s origin story is an intriguing one. In the story, the deity was born as a human and lived among humans as a young boy. He was educated by an immortal Taoist, but was disobedient and mischievous. This resulted in him being a natural enemy of the dragon, and Nezha’s father sacrificed himself to atone for his actions.

He rides a horse with flames coming from its nostrils

The Chinese deity rides a horse with flame-engulfed nostrils is known as Bato Kannon, or the “Angry Kannon”. It is distinguished from his amiable counterpart, the white horse, by its white horse’s head, which represents the “Ideal King”, or Chakravartin in Sanskrit. This deity has one to three faces and two to eight arms, each holding different attributes.

He has a magic weapon

A fire wheel is an ancient weapon that was given to a Chinese deity by his mother, Lady Yin. The weapon is used by the deity to strike enemies. The wheel is said to possess magical properties. In Chinese mythology, fire wheels have an almost magical power and can be used as a weapon.

It was once used to keep the oceans from moving. This weapon can be made into any size, and can weigh as much as 17,550 lbs or 7,960 kg. However, the ancient Chinese did not actually fight demons. They were more interested in being good compared to being evil, and thus they made use of the magic weapon.

A Chinese deity has two other weapons besides the fire wheel: the wind-wheel and the fire-wheel. The first is a fire wheel, which is said to be a magical weapon. A Chinese deity fire wheel is considered to be the most powerful weapon in the universe.

During battle, the Ne Zha fire wheel deals extra damage to enemies. The flames from the Fire-Tipped Spear will stun an enemy for a short time. A Wind Fire Wheel will also deal damage to enemy players.

He is a reincarnation of a Hindu god

Chinese deities are often reincarnations of celestial beings. For example, a Chinese military hero, General Yue Fei, is often portrayed as a reincarnation of the Hindu god Garuda. He is blue in color, has fanged teeth, and a crown of skulls, and carries a trident. His name means “Great Black One.”

His father destroyed his temple

The Chinese deity fire wheel’s father destroyed a temple. The statue of his son was destroyed. Angry with his father, Nezha reincarnated and was given a new body. He was also given a set of legendary Wind Fire Wheels and a Fire-Tipped Spear. As he sought to avenge his father, he sought the help of the gods. As he searched, Li Jin was struck down, and Nezha killed him with the legendary Fire-Tipped Spear.

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Chinese Deity Nezha and the Fire Wheel
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