Chinese Deity Men Status in Restaurant


Chinese deities are a common symbol in Chinese culture, and one of the most popular are the Three Stars of Wealth. Usually displayed as a trinity, these statues feature the God of Wealth, the God of Status, and the God of Longevity.

  1. Three Star Gods
  2. Wendi
  3. Caishen

Three Star Gods

If you’re looking for a special meal in a Chinese restaurant, consider ordering dishes with the Three Star Gods. These deities are closely associated with prosperity, longevity, and good fortune. They often appear in the form of statues, paintings, or ornaments. Some of them may appear as children, while others are bald old men with walking sticks. All of them symbolize good fortune and prosperity. In Chinese culture, they are considered auspicious and can bring good luck to anyone.

These three lucky gods are minor deities in Chinese mythology and Taoism. Fu Xing, whose star is dedicated to Jupiter, is one of these. In addition, a legend about Xang Cheng describes a government official in the Tang Dynasty who lived in a village of midgets. His small stature endeared him to the emperor, who was fascinated by the small people.


In Chinese mythology, three gods are closely linked to food. One of them, the God of Status, is often accompanied by a deer. In some instances, the word for deer is inscribed on the image. The implication is that this god is the keeper of wealth and status.


The Three Stars of Wealth is one of the most popular Chinese deities. He is the God of Wealth, Status, and Longevity. He is depicted in different forms, from being a trinity to a single deity. He is sometimes shown holding a baby.

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Chinese Deity Men Status in Restaurant
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