Chinese God Covered in Sheet After Muslims Protest


A 98-foot-tall statue of the chinese god, Guan Yu, has been covered in a white sheet following protests by muslims in Indonesia. The statue was reported to cost 2.5 billion rupiah or about $190,000 to build. The incident has sparked social media sparring. One Twitter user, Muhammad Syahrir, with the handle @Muhamma37029013, mocked the protesters on Twitter.

98-foot-tall statue of chinese deity Guan Yu covered in sheet by muslims

In July, the statue of Guan Yu, a third-century Chinese general who is venerated for his loyalty and bravery, was unveiled in the city of Tuban, East Java, Indonesia. It is claimed to be the tallest representation of the deity in Southeast Asia. However, hardline Islamic groups have called for the statue to be removed. As a result, the Chinese Confucian temple has decided to cover the statue.

The statue was reported to cost 2.5 billion rupiah, about $190,000. The controversy has sparked a raging debate on social media, with users praising and criticizing each other. In one case, a Muslim using the handle @Muhamma37029013 mocked the protesters on Twitter.

The controversy is being interpreted as a sign of increasing intolerance in the country. It is believed that protests in Indonesia are linked to growing religious intolerance in China. In addition, the country’s constitution protects freedom of religion. The statue has yet to be approved by the government of Indonesia.

Statue of chinese god covered in sheet by muslims

A 100-foot statue of a Chinese god covered by a white sheet has caused an uproar among Muslims in Indonesia. The sculpture is part of the Kwan Sing Bo Chinese Temple complex, which is located in East Java. It is a religious site that worships the god Guan Yu, a third-century general revered for his loyalty and bravery. It is also a symbol of Confucianism and Buddhism. The statue is considered to be one of the highest representations of a Chinese god in the region.

Although Indonesia is predominantly Muslim, it is home to a number of non-Muslim faiths. The country’s constitution recognizes six religions, including Islam, Christianity and Hinduism. Taoism and Buddhism are not protected under Indonesian law. But the statue of Guan Yu is larger than any statue of a ‘founding father’ of Indonesia, General Raden Soedirman.

The statue of the god has caused outrage in Tuban, Indonesia. Most of the population is Muslim and protestors said it was an affront to Islam and a sign of Chinese control of the Indonesian government. The protestors claimed that the statue was constructed on public land, though the temple owns the land where it stands.

The statue of Guan Yu, an ancient Chinese general, is believed by many to be a protector of trade and a defender of people. The temple’s owner, the Kwan Sing Bio Chinese Temple, has used private donations to erect the statue.

98-foot-tall statue covered in sheet by muslims

The 98-foot-tall statue of Kwan Seng Bio has been in the city of Tuban for generations, and it was built by the local Chinese temple owners. It is believed to be the tallest in all of South-East Asia. However, it proved to be difficult to cover with the large white sheet that Islamic groups demand be removed.

Muslim protestors claim the statue violates the official religion of Indonesia and is offensive to a minority ethnic group. Indonesia’s deputy police chief defended the cover-up, saying it was necessary for security and order. The protest comes at a time when religious tensions in Indonesia have reached new levels. In September, Islamists arrested a Christian former governor of Jakarta, Basuki “Ahok” Purnama, who was Christian but of Chinese descent, accusing him of blasphemy. He has since been sentenced to two years in prison.

Despite the protests, Indonesian officials have urged local officials to stand up to pressure from mobs. The controversy began online, but has since spread to the gates of the Chinese Confucian temple in Tuban.

Protesters in Indonesia have been demonstrating outside the parliament building in Surabaya against the statue, which stands atop a pile of skulls. The statue represents Adityawarman, a priest from the Bhairawa Tantra who performed the teaching known as malima. In the statue, he is shown drinking blood.

Some Islamic leaders are also covered in a sheet or face, including Muhammad. The practice of covering the face of the Prophet Muhammad began during the Safavid period of Persia and was done out of respect for him. Similar practices were also observed for other prophets of Islam, wives, and relatives.

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Chinese God Covered in Sheet After Muslims Protest
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