Chinese Female Deity Holding Jar


Guan Yin is a chinese female deity. She is the protector of the Earth and protects humans from harm and evil. Several different images of her exist in Chinese art, including temples, shrines, and domestic altars. Many of these images are examples of creative adaptations of this ancient female deity.

guan yin chinese female deity

Guan Yin, the Chinese female deity, is known as the “bestower of children.” She is often shown holding a jar or a small child in her arms, or kneeling near her feet. Other names for Guan Yin include “white-robed honoured one” and “daughter of the Dragon-king.”

The depictions of Guan Yin vary, but she is often shown holding a water jar in her right hand, and a willow branch in her left. The vase is an important symbol in Buddhism, as it contains the nectar of life and is said to bring good fortune. Moreover, she is often depicted with many arms and hands and many eyes. Her crown also has an image of Amitabha Buddha, her spiritual teacher.

The figure is also often shown holding a peacock, which is a manifestation of the heavenly Phoenix on earth. The peacock has a hundred eyes, a symbol of the Kuan-Yin’s thousand eyes. This is a popular depiction of Guan Yin in Chinese temples and shrines.

Guan Yin is worshipped in many temples in the world. Among her largest shrines is the Shaolin Temple. There are also numerous temples in Japan, India, and Sri Lanka dedicated to her. She is also worshipped by Buddhists and Taoists.

The story of Guanyin’s origins is a complicated one. According to legend, she was attacked by three pirates, and Shancai was moved to help the goddess. The two were then thrown together on the cliff. Shancai tried to save Guanyin, but he fell down a rocky cliff. Fortunately, the goddess appeared and healed him.

The myth of Guanyin has its origins in Hindu mythology, but her image has become more common in China. In Chinese Buddhism, Guanyin is an icon of feminine goodness. She is a powerful miracle worker and is often worshipped for her healing powers.

The goddess is also known as the mistress of the Southern Sea and the patroness of fishermen. Her statues often depict her crossing the sea on lotus. She is also portrayed on a dragon’s head, which symbolizes high spirituality. Dragons are ancient symbols of strength and transformation, which explains the dragon’s prominence in Guan Yin’s statues.

A statue of Guanyin is a popular object for personal devotion in China. The statue is often made of white jade with a double lotus stand of spinach green jade. The female deity is holding a sphere. Many statues of Guanyin also depict her holding an alms bowl or flask in her hands. The sphere is believed to be the “pearl of light” that the Chinese female deity holds.

Guan Yin is a popular deity throughout East Asia. Her name means “she who hears the sounds of the world.” She can take on the form of a man or a woman, and her image can be found in many religious sites.

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Chinese Female Deity Holding Jar
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