Chinese Deity Bunny Smite


Silly Rabbit no longer removes the back door protection on towers, and recovery time has been reduced from 0.6 to 0.1. The portrait of Chang’e has been changed, and the protections that Chang’e grants to allies have been increased from 10/15/20/25/30 to 20/30/35/40. This change is significant in that it makes Chang’e much more valuable as a healer.


Chang’e is a Chinese deity, and her abilities are generally used as support abilities. She is a very effective god for a support role, but lacks damage output and mobility. Chang’e is similar to Aphrodite in this regard. She is slightly more damaging than Aphrodite, but loses out in mobility. In spite of this, she is a fantastic god, and she’s a fairly balanced choice.

She is the goddess of the moon, and was married to the legendary archer Hou Yi. Several legends have sprung up about her, including her stealing his elixir of immortality from his beloved. Chang’e’s story also plays an important role in the annual Mid-Autumn Festival, which honors lunar goddesses.

Chang’e’s ultimate skill, the Waxing Moon, deals a ton of damage in the shortest amount of time. It deals 80/120/160/200/240 magical damage with 50% magical power. It also grants Chang’e and her allies 10/15/20/25/30 physical protection for 3 seconds. Additionally, the damage from the Waxing Moon also causes a huge chunk of damage to be taken from the HP bar of enemies. This ability is also incredibly sustain-friendly, meaning you’ll be able to stay in your lane for a long time.

Hi Rez Studios recently announced a new skin for the Chinese deity Chang’e. The skin features Chang’e in a whimsical outfit with bunny ears and a carrot satchel. This skin looks like an Easter egg, and will be available to players in late December. It will also come with an exclusive avatar and premium currency.

Chang’e is a mythical Chinese deity and goddess of the moon. Her name translates to “pretty young woman.” Throughout Chinese myth, Chang’e was renowned for her beauty. Her pale milky skin was reflected in her black hair, and her lips were shaped like cherry blossoms. Her beauty is also reflected in her moveset, which flows seamlessly into her visuals and mechanics. She’s a great pick for those who like to take risks and explore the moon.

Waxing Moon dance

Chang’e’s Waxing Moon dance deals huge amounts of magical damage to nearby enemies. It also stuns enemies in front of Chang’e for a duration of 1s. This ability increases the duration of the stun by 50% for every god you hit before. It also cuts a chunk of damage off of enemy HP bars. This ability is incredibly powerful and has a high chance of winning a game.

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Chinese Deity Bunny Smite
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