Chinese Deity Mazu


The Chinese deity Mazu has many attributes, including kindness, compassion and mercy. This deity is also revered as a protector of fishermen. Various port cities have temples dedicated to this deity. Throughout Chinese history, Mazu has been elevated in status by the various royal courts.


Chinese mythology and legend has a long history of association with the Goddess Mazu. This woman is revered for her humanity, compassion, and motherly ways. The deity was often associated with the province of Fujian, but eventually her worship spread to other parts of China due to miraculous intervention. She is also associated with seafarers and fishermen, whose networks were also religious networks.

Mazu’s worship spread throughout Southeast Asia, and temples were built to honor her. In the 19th century, Mazu’s worship reached the United States, where the Chinese immigrant community established a temple dedicated to the goddess in Los Angeles. Today, she is revered in Taiwan and in Fujian province.

There are more than 5,000 temples dedicated to Mazu, and devotion to her is also common in private homes. The worship may involve offerings of incense, flowers, or fireworks. Residents may also take part in evening processions carrying lanterns. During the procession, worshipers often pray for peace and fertility, or invoke the goddess for protection from evil.

Her virginity

Mazu, the Chinese goddess of the sea, was born the seventh of seven children. In Chinese culture, she is often portrayed in red robes, similar to the ones worn by swimmers. She is also often portrayed holding a ceremonial tablet or staff. She also wears a flat-topped imperial headdress.

Today, Mazu is a very popular figure outside of China. Her story is also popular in Taiwan, where she was born. During Taiwan’s marriage equality movement, Christian homophobes tried to silence her, so the queer community turned to Mazu to help them fight for equality. Queer activists used her lineage to argue against the Christian view of queer rights.

Mazu is a Chinese goddess who was born on Meizhou Island during the Min Kingdom. She was the sixth or seventh daughter of a prominent fisherman. When she was a child, the bodhisattva Guanyin sent Lin Moniang to her parents. She was later reincarnated as a young girl.

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