God, in China Crossword Answer


Chinese deities are popular in ancient China. The word deity is the result of the combination of several different terms. A deity is a goddess or God with attributes considered part of the culture. For example, God in China is a goddess who is represented by an image or statue. This crossword clue is about a female deity.

Image or statue representing a Chinese deity

In China, an image or statue of a deity is a common religious art form. Thousands of photos of Chinese gods exist, ranging in appearance from very human to abstract. Buddhist images, for instance, are rarely depicted with distinctive features. Most often, they are described barefoot, wearing simple priestly robes. On the other hand, Daoist photos typically lean or stand and often hold a fly switch or gourd. The standard deity is a seated scholar-official with a full beard, holding a tablet in front of his chest. Other elements may be added to the statue, such as a crown or cap.

Whether or not an image or statue depicts a Chinese deity is a personal decision; it’s always worth considering the relationship between the worshipper and the Creator. In many cultures, the deity’s image is subject to editing and superscription, resulting in various interpretations. For instance, a statue may be used for a religious purpose, such as purification or protection against evil spirits.

Female deity crossword clue

This crossword clue features a female deity, an important figure in Chinese philosophy. There are several possible solutions to this clue. You can also search for anagrams of the clue, convert the clue to Roman numerals, and sort the results by relevancy. This site contains answers to many types of crossword puzzles, including quick and classic.

In the Chinese zodiac, red represents good luck, and it also means the Chinese zodiac animal. The color is also associated with several things, including baked earth, paper, the Chinese bear, and ancient calculus. Red also represents a light source and is associated with several important figures.

God, in China, crossword clue.

This crossword clue relates to God or heaven in Chinese religion. We’ll look at how this phrase is used in crossword puzzles and what it means for the crossword solver. This page contains several related crossword clues to help you solve this. If you have trouble locating the correct answer to God in China, use the search box below to find a solution to your crossword.

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God, in China Crossword Answer
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