Maiden Soap Recipe † Herbal Soap for Acne

We all go through breakouts. Or, at least, most of us do.

If you’ve never had a breakout, don’t tell me about it. As a matter of fact, don’t tell anybody about it because they might strangle you, you lucky duck.

This soap, made with camphor and spikenard, has helped me to clear up the occasional breakout. And before you say anything, yes, I do know that camphor and spikenard are not exactly the most luxurious of scents, but that’s just how that is. It’s a rather medicinal smell, and I like that, but some people may not be so keen. Not to worry though because it is not a smell that really lingers, meaning that once you rinse off the soap, you won’t continue to smell like it. At least, that’s been my experience.

So without further rambling, here’s the recipe.


  • 10 Oz. of honey melt and pour soap base

  • 2 ml of spikenard

  • 1 ml of camphor

  • Dried rose buds (for looks)

  • Water


  • Knife

  • Double boiler for soap making

  • A pot

  • Silicone soap mold

Step One:

Weigh out 10oz of honey soap base and cut it into 1 to 2 inch chunks and add them to your double boiler.

Honey Soap

Step Two:

Fill your pot about a quarter of the way up and set it on medium heat before putting your double boiler in.

Step Three:

While your soap is melting down, prepare your mold by placing the rose buds in the center. If you want a more earthy, boho vibe, you can toss in three or four into the mold.

Step Four:

Once your soap has melted, turn off the heat and add your oils.

Stir the mixture and you’re ready to pour!

Step Five:

Carefully pour the soap into the molds and then let it sit for at least three hours.

Step Six:

Remove the soap from the mold, and you are finished! Your soap is ready to use!



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