How to Polish the Paper

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After a thorough reading of your story, it’s time to polish the paper. Check spelling, check punctuation, and check the story for errors. If necessary, use a dictionary to ensure you’ve used the correct word. If needed, change any homophones. Polishing a paper takes time, so don’t stress if you find a mistake. It’s important to make the story as clear as possible, but don’t be too hard on yourself.

When abrasive paper is used, it will start to load with components and spent abrasive. To remove these components, you can use a scrap component or a clean shop towel. Repeat this process until the paper is no longer usable. Over time, it will decrease the roughness of the surface, with the abrasive grains becoming smaller. To prevent this problem, you should always use the correct polishing paper.

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To set up a paper polishing stand, unpack the paper and remove its protective packaging. The stand includes a stand and a wood dowel. First, remove the paper from the carton. Next, peel off the protective paper wrap and tape. Then place the roll onto the wood dowel. Make sure the loose end is facing upward. This will help the paper slide across the stage evenly. Then, tighten the stage by pulling on the front bar clamp. You are ready to use the paper polishing stand.

Coated paper is also an option for printing. The coating makes the printed material shiny and bright, and it restricts the ink from bleeding on the surface. This makes it desirable for sharp, complex images and designs. Coated paper is also more durable against dirt, moisture, and wear. You can choose between matte and glossy paper. It all depends on your needs. For example, you may be using the paper for a book or magazine, or for printing.

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How to Polish the Paper
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