Cornflower, Rosewood, & Vanilla Soap


As the summer heat rolls in, our skin can get damaged and inflamed. These soaps, made with rosewood, cornflower, oatmeal, and vanilla pod, soothe redness and help to repair the sun's damage.


  • 10 oz oatmeal and shea Melt and Pour

  • 1 TBS Vitamin E oil

  • 1/4 cup cornflower

  • 1 TBS ground vanilla pod

  • Rosewood oil


  • Soap molds

  • Double boiler

  • Something to stir with

Step One:

Weight out 10 ounces of oatmeal and shea Melt and Pour, and then cut it into medium-sized cubes.

Place inside of your double boiler before putting the double boiler into a pot of water. Keep on medium heat until the soap is completely melted.



Step Two:

This is just a prep step. Lay out your molds on a flat surface where you will not have to move them for at least two hours

Step Three:

Once your soap is melted, add your vanilla powder and cornflower to the double boiler and stir until fully incorporated.

Step Four:

After your vanilla powder and cornflower are blended into the soap, go ahead and add 1 TBS of vitamin e oil and about 15 drops of your rosewood oil. Give it a stir.

Step Five:

It is now time to pour. Remove the double boiler, being careful to not touch the metal so you don't scald yourself, and pour your soap into the molds.

NOTE: If air bubbles form at the top of your mold and it bothers you, you can spritz rubbing alcohol on the soap, and it will remove all of the bubbles.


Step Six:

Let your soap set up for at least three hours.

Step Seven:

Remove from the molds, and you're done! You can now enjoy this calming and beautifully scented soap.