Strange Fire & Fumery : Incense Review

Incense is both a luxury and a tool. It is something I use simply because it smells nice, but it is also something I frequently used when my job entailed doing spells for other people.

Fragrance has the ability to change the atmosphere, and therein your mindset, making it one of the most useful tools in spellcraft. And if I were using an incense in a ritual for a client, and it smelled bad, burned poorly, or anything like that, it would affect the outcome of the working, which is not great. So when I say that I'm a little bit picky about incense, I mean it. 

Last week, when I was looking for different kinds of incense, I came upon a company called Strange Fire & Fumery. It is a small company that produces high-quality candles, fragrances, and, the topic of this review, incense sticks. 

strange fire and fumery

The incense sticks come in sets of six or twenty, the set of six being a sample set. The sample set includes three scents of your choosing, and there are six sticks per scent. So sample packs come with eighteen incense sticks and cost $10. The sets of twenty are also $10. 

I opted for the sample set and chose the following fragrances: Odalisque, Black Mass, and Atelier. 


Odalisque is described as a sensual blend, with notes of musk, dragon's blood, and heliotrope. Black mass has notes of frankincense, myrrh, and red wine. Atelier is described as a clean scent, with notes of plumeria and elderflower. 

First impression: they smell great. The website was very accurate with their descriptions. I don't feel like anything was misleading or misrepresented. They smell nice, they look nice, they aren't broken or too thin. But the real test is what happens when they are burned.


I decided to try Atelier first because I feel like incense sticks with "clean" scents tend to put off very different smells when burned. 

I set the tip on fire and let it burn for about fifteen seconds before blowing it out and letting it burn. 

strange fire and fumery

I was immediately impressed with the way these burned. There was a decent amount of smoke, but not so much that it became a problem, and the smell was wonderful. When burning, Atelier retained its clean, floral smell. 

I let this stick burn down completely in order to see how long it would go for, and, again, I was pretty impressed. It took over thirty minutes for a whole stick of Atelier to burn down. 

Throughout the past few days, I burned Black Mass and Odalisque and found that they, like Atelier, burned long and stayed true to their unburnt scent. I used Black Mass when I was meditating and really enjoyed it. It has a true myrrh scent that is relaxing, and the wine notes are deep and rich without being heady. Odalisque, on the other hand, is quite heady, but that's kind of the point. It is an intoxicating, sensual fragrance, and the heaviness is clearly intentional. 

What I'm trying to say is: I'm in love. 

These incense sticks went above and beyond my expectations, and I can't wait to try some of Strange Fire & Fumery's other scents.