Chinese Earth Deities


In China, the Tu Di Gong is a venerated earth deity. He is also known as the Da Bo Gong, Da Po Gong, and Tua Pek Gong. The official name of Tu Di Gong is Fu De Zheng Shen, which means “earth god of merit and wealth.” A shrine to Tu Di Gong was built in every village, and the god was responsible for village affairs. The traditional concerns of the village were agricultural. Therefore, the earth god was seen as a modest heavenly bureaucrat who helped the people in the village.

Xian Fu De Zheng Shen

The Chinese earth deity Xian Fu de Zheng Shen is a deity who is related to the nature and the forces of nature. He is known as the ‘Fu of Wealth and Merit’, and is one of the most powerful deities. He has an area of governing that is limited to the earth. His images can be found on altars in main doorways and halls of Chinese homes.

This deity is considered to be the ruler of the land. He is often pictured holding a gold ingot or ruyi scepter. His main duties are to protect the earth and to help people in times of need. He is one of the five basic deities in Taoist Buddhism and is also known as the Earth Land God.

This deity is often depicted with children. The story of the Journey to the West shows the goddess protecting travelers. Her statues often have many arms and eyes, and her head is often misheard. Shenshu is also the god of medicine and agriculture. He was also assigned to guard the immortal peach trees. In addition, the goddess of children is often depicted sitting on a lotus with a boy holding a bottle and a girl holding a willow twig.

The Chinese earth deity Xian Fu de Zheng Shen was worshipped in ancient China. Its origins are uncertain, but the legend dates from around 220CE. It is known to be present among ethnic groups in Southern China.

The Chinese earth deity Xian Fu de Zheng Shen is the most popular deity in the country. He is revered for his wisdom and piety. His virtue led people on the right path. He also made his subjects feel treated fairly. A prosperous government is based on having happy subjects. By governing in kindness, and by the so-called “royal way” of rule, the government would be successful.

Zhi Nu

The Chinese earth deity Zhi Nu is an important figure in Chinese mythology. She was originally a weaving maiden in heaven, who crafted seamless robes from clouds. After being granted permission to visit the earth, Zhi Nu fell in love with a cow herder named Niu Lang. The two married and had two children.

Legend has it that Zhinu was the seventh daughter of the Jade Emperor. When she met Niulang, the young man stole her clothes, which she wore. She did not want to return to heaven without her clothes, so she married him and took care of their children. The Jade Emperor, however, discovered the couple and ordered the Queen Mother of the West to bring her back to Heaven.

As the Goddess of Children, Zhi Nu is frequently surrounded by children. In fact, she was the protector of travelers in the Journey to the West, and her statues often contain many eyes and arms. In addition, she is often accompanied by a boy holding a bottle and a girl holding a willow twig.

Chinese mythology also attributes him with the role of the supreme sovereign and ancestor, Shangdi. In this role, he is said to have punished bad people and rewarded good people. He also acts through ministers, such as Guan Yu, Cheng Huang, and Tu di. The god of the Earth is also said to provide bountiful harvests and is the most omniscient.

Legend also suggests that Zhi Nu possesses a magical ability to cure people. His ability to heal the body and cure illnesses is believed to be so strong that his prayers are often invoked at the Hungry Ghost Festival. The deity is associated with the arts and is the patron of actors.

The story of the ancient Earth deity Zhi Nu is very interesting. Legend has it that the deity was an ancient god who had fallen from Heaven, but was reincarnated as a cow by the Heavenly Mother. The Heavenly Mother, however, turned him into a cow in order to create the Milky Way river.

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Chinese Earth Deities
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