What Chinese Deity Rides Kylin?


The Chinese deity, Kylin, is the king of animals, and has many different shapes and appearances. Its head resembles that of a dragon and its antlers look like oxtails. His body is covered with a colorful scute and is very intelligent. He is known as a valiant and benevolent deity and is said to ward off demons. Many people believe that if they pray to him, he will give them a wish. He is also often shown with a child.

Guan Yin

Guan Yin is a Buddhist bodhisattva and a Christian saint. She belongs to the Mayana branch of Buddhism, which recognizes hundreds of bodhisattvas in the world. Most of them are historical figures born in many parts of Asia. They are revered and featured in Buddhist art, often as statues. They can be found in all sizes and can be made of jade, wood, or rubber.

Another common image of Guan Yin depicts her riding a dragon. It is a symbol of good luck and prosperity. The dragon represents high spirituality, as well as strength and divine powers of transformation. In addition, Guan Yin often sits on a pink lotus, which symbolizes peace.

Guan Yin is often portrayed wearing a flowing white robe. She also usually wears a necklace from Indian/Chinese royalty. In addition to her flowing robe, Guan Yin often holds a water jar. This is one of the Eight Buddhist Symbols of Good Fortune. She also holds a willow branch, which symbolizes adaptability and is also used medicinally.

Guan Yin is an important Buddhist deity. She is considered to be a bridge between ordinary people and spiritual ideas. She is known as the goddess of mercy, and is revered by both Buddhists and Taoists. In the West, she is known as the Goddess of Compassion, and is associated with Buddhism and Taoism.

Guan Yin was born to a wealthy royal family in southwest China. When she was young, she was struck by the abundance of suffering. She went to a monastery and devoted her life to helping the needy. Her father was angry and ordered agents to find and kill her. However, Guan Yin found shelter among those she helped, and continued her good works for many years.

Guanyin is an important Buddhist figure and is often associated with the Pure Land. She has a close resemblance to Mary, and is also called Child-Sending Guanyin. In fact, a Taiwanese Buddhist humanitarian organization named Tzu Chi commissioned a portrait of her holding a baby, which resembles a typical Catholic Madonna and Child painting.


Xuanwu is a character from the Kylie Chan urban fantasy series, “Journey to the West”. In the series, he lives in Kansas City and is served by monks. He is a descendant of the God of War Lu Dongbin. He is one of the Eight Immortals. His legend has spread throughout Asia and beyond. Besides being a feared warrior, Xuanwu is also a highly respected figure among Chinese people.

The ancient Chinese believed that Xuanwu provided divine assistance to the Yongle Emperor. According to legend, he helped the Emperor in his quest to build Taoist monasteries in the Wudang Mountains in Hubei. Xuanwu is also one of the Four Symbols of the Chinese sky. He represents the north, the winter season, and the god of agriculture. His most famous form is as a turtle entangled with a snake. Legend says that he was a butcher before he began cultivating the Tao.

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What Chinese Deity Rides Kylin?
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